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Midorian Krij'gDhik - learning and examms

Well, there it was

The landscapes of Azuremyst Isle slowly appearing before me.


Been greeted as one of the few survivors of the crash I had to report in and help out where I could.

Times changed from the comfy gallows of the ship to now when there was hardly any ship left to roam in, so why not and see what I can do.


I was assigned gather materials, been thought a few spells and pointed out in the direction .. time to get going.


And so I did, not knowing that about 17 exams later, I still was being send around to kill or gather things, if only had known than what I do now .. I’d found myself a job at the bank or auction house.

I done my first battle ground by now and to be honest, it is just not funny when being killed all the time couse I try to keep them alive.

Also had the change to see my first destiny of doing dungeons, this was new and refreshing …. Not.

Seems the story’s where true, tanks thinking they can tank, dps than goes tanking and hunters think they can do all at their 15th exam as they have a pet.


How joyful .. the future is interesting and that is an understatement.


But .. I am happy with my gear I gotten and the use it has, 17 and 1024 mana to use, I love it, only to add the +100 mana enchant and for the time to come I’ll be safe for tanks, pets, rogues and warlocs.


Back to quests, dungeons and groups .. I’ll keep you posted.