50! E-mail
Midorian Krij'gDhik - learning and examms


Yes!!, 50!!


Allot of new things, new tailoring rank, new spells, new places to go, new area’s to discover and new items to gather.


While the rest was poking things in ICC I’d broke through the 50 barrier while Troyy was tanking and StacI (ß yes, right this time)  was hammering on things.

So lost in places now as I have so many area’s to go to, not sure where I should go to, tanaris and finish up the last quests, fellwood and get the new quests, blasted lands, searing george .. not sure, will see when the time comes.


Being a nice rank in the guild gives options, possibilities, nice little tings to do like changing public notes and such.

Quess it will take some time before someone will notice the added word to the public note of some high ranked guild leader *grin*, though I know I’m dead if she finds out .. someday  ..


Training, enchanting, tailoring and questing ahead ..  time to get going.


Priestly hugs