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It was time, time to venture into Stratholme and see if the stories where right about all the undead they roamed the place.


They where…


Never knew there so many, and so aggressive, coming from every corner trying to make us part of their population.

Lucky Troyy and Staci prevented this with my help as healer, though at times it was a close one, lucky for us Troyy learned how to revive people otherwise I’d think we’d be walking around in strat as part of them.. don’t want to even think about it, lucky I don’t we survived and even helped the baron into another place.


The guild seemed to have had a good evening, many achievements where made from the ICC place, seems they all saved them for one evening and do them all at once, yesterday was the day than.


As I’m 52 now I can feel the outlands lure, think I’ll put on the naughty shoes .. or better, I keep them on, and venture there soon to take a sneak peak.

Though I know I only get quests at 58 I can still try and see how it goes, maybe even poke someone to join me and see from there, time will tell but the peak will be soon.

For now it will be poking undeads, gathering more items, doing many more quests and probably join more groups than I can count.


Just a note to myself, maybe should write in on my forehead so I can see it daily .. go train! .. spend another 34g on it again but there was so much to learn, this now explains why I was healing so little all the time, I just had the 46 versions of them, still had to learn the 48, 50 and 52 ones … now healing goes a lot easier.


So, back to killing things, gathering items and joining groups.


Priestly hugs.