53 and it’s sloow E-mail
Midorian Krij'gDhik - learning and examms


Funny part is that always in these lower 10’s it is slow, been that way from 10-14, 20-25, 30-33, 40-43 and now again, 50-53 for now, have to see what tonight brings.

It seems like many things are open now but just not doable yet .. missing some spell power, healing, mana or even simple the possibility to actually hit things, I miss more than I would like to.


Been with a nice group of new people into the Blackrock and we had to venture into the prison. It was nice to see that not everything is routine for some and at times where still amazed about places and how hard it could be.

Though at times, it is alse frustrating to see a shadow priest wand at a target while having full mana .. it makes things itch at times, than again, even I have to learn a lot and have understanding for it.


It seems my Idea of adding a few more rubs off .. others start doing it also…

Oddly I didn’t expect it, so I was quite surprised when I saw the health go down and could not see what .. till I ran back and saw like 10 or 12 undeads poke her …

As the healer I am I kept her alive but was somewhat startled .. when I asked what happened she told me that she heard she needed to pull more .. I mean .. omg ..

These where not a few but LOADS .. I take a few a time, she took everything she could find ….

Yes, I am talking about you TROYY! .. wicked pala you are .. been hit on the head once to many times ??.


And HEY! .. since when did YOU start to LISTEN to ME ?!? .. well? .. in all the time we have known each other .. this was the first time .. EVER!! .. if your going to take over some bad habits from me .. take any besides the urge to get suicidal. *sighs and shakes head*


Guess my easy times are over, she even enjoyed it and where about to venture into the more dense populated area’s … I fear the worst.


Been busy with my professions, learned enchanting from 174 to 243 and I now know some neat enchants, only .. now I have a lot of stuffies in my bank on where  I have no need for .. think I’ll send them to sell and give Staci and Troyy their share in it. I do already hear the comments on this idea from them, they will never agree or give me a hard time accepting .. but it will be worth the struggle in the end, at least, it makes me feel better.

Tailoring is still the same, have some runecloth but sadly I need loads more to get higher, hopefully they will teach me to make netherweave things soon, I have 35 stack waiting for me to be processed so that will be a nice boost when the time comes.


We sadly missed Staci yesterday as she could not find her way to us, seems someone else thought she was not Staci and decided to lock her room. Even though a amazing skilled rogue, this was one lock she could not pick, I certainly do hope she is with us soon again. Would be great to know it still is her and not someone that possesses her doing whatever things to her.

Sadly I have seen that to often lately.


So, enough for today, see if tonight will be 54 and maybe even 55 .. who knows.


Priestly hugs.