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Scholomange, stratholme, Eastern plague lands, western plaguelands and teristfall glades, they contain more undead than I think I’ll ever see alive .. well , besides terisfall glades as horde runs around there .. seesm to be a capital of theirs ..

One day it was ours but they claimd to be theirs .. whatever .. ours means.

Coming from space and somewhere else we call home it makes “ours” to in some perspective and to be honest, I doubt that after so many undead being there, there is no way you can make it a healthy place to live in anymore, let them have it.

Though running through Scholomanche it is nice to see there where still a lot of books well preserved and I read some of them, it’s good to learn more about what happened here in the past .. though I doubt it will be usefull, it’s doomed anyway.



So far the history lessons ..


Staci is back, someone opened the door and thought her a wise lessons “the use of proxy servers is not supported by the world” whatever that means .. Understanding talking to the hord seems also forbidden but recently they made it possible by some service called “real ID” or something .. must be expensive to use .. I think .. but the gods punishment for doing so is exile, banned for life .. though now they made it possible .. *confused*. They need to work on their internal communications I suppose.

I don’t care if they slapped her on the wrist, she’s with us and it is herself again.


Troyy took us into sholo and when we where done Staci still had to go to Zul Farrak to complete some quests she had so we ventured there to make it happen.

Funny thing is, last time I was there it was pretty hard but now .. a walk in the park.


I tried to drag them into school and I was great, awesome even  . .sadly Troyy got killed like on ever pull I done soo .. somewhere I did something wrong ,, I fear.

But I could bring her back everytime, well besides the one time I had to ask the spirithealer for directions and saw the world in some weird grey shade … but I managed to find my way back and brought her back and we continued .. and I ressed her again .. *sigh* I was not made for that I fear.


And I am 54 now, close to 55 even and soooooon outlands *grin* think Troyy will not be pleased and Staci even less but ..hey  .. what can I say, Space goat from hell and mad priest as class .. it should count for something *grins*, who knows I get a few more titles added in the process, it be a neat addition *smirks*


So, quess some more undeads and maybe an occasional Hord added, where on our way to the outlands, ready to face whatever comes our way.


One little thing I would like to mention couse it’s something I have a feeling that will come across my path a few times..

In the guild there is a hunter called MCbacon .. I mean MCterror .. you see  . I call her that way for a while now and seems it sticks and Imade the mistake a few times now .. though the weird thing is that she starts to threathen me with blowing me up in some place, not sure where yet but she’s determind to make it happen .. quess I need to be on my hooves for the time to come.


Well, that’s it for today, hopefully more tomorrow


Priestly hugs