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66 now .. still dazed from the speed it went in I’m enjoying it.

It has been some odd adventure from the last time till now, seen Hellfire, be it breafly, seen terrokar for like 3 times and than we have been in zagramarsh for one evening .. and now I seen Utergarde keep being cleared.

Even at 65 it still is an amazing place *smiles*


I’ll explain how this all happened.


Staci was willing to do a rampfart run .. or 4 and we went into it and it was great, gaining XP in amounts I have never seen before and things that I could not DE couse of the low skill..

Went to 60 in a blink, same as 61, 62 and 63 .. doing zangremarsh and terrokar as soon as they became avalible ..


Now .. we heard that Uteragarde keep was something we could go to at 65 .. as curious as we where we tried it and it was great, we even finished it  .. well I did got the irresistible itch to heal and had to pay the price for it .. 13g on repairs … still better then training to be honest .. the trainers rip me off all the time, insane people.


Being in Rampfarts and blood furnace it was nice to see how smooth it all went, little mishap here and there but that an be traced back to some healing eager priest doing stupid things  .. Lies  .. all of them , the priest was innocent .. really *nods* 

Well, actually I did not pull any intentional these runs, if I did it was purely by accident.

Though, think not many will believe me when I say that .. really wonder why..


Coilfang was awesome, facing 71 elites and lived through it, though the dps output as 63 on them is like 23dps .. not something to be proud off , will take ages to kill them if Ihad to do it, considering they have over 60.000 health .. Lucky Stacy knows what to do and troy can heal and resurrect also so that was a comforting thought.. -if- she gets the aiming and some spells  right *grin*


Terrokar is just a weird place, declined by one cause we needed to be 64 at least .. than we could enter but they refused to give us quests … than we could get them but where moved on to another place to not return there soon .. Abandoned them, will not need them anymore so what’s the use of keeping them ..


Troyy and me have grown a lot, where both 66 now and out next stop is nexus I think, cause they will let us in there than, only thing I do not know yet is how to get there but I think we’ll have to ask some elders to aid, we can switch them out later and than continue .. even get flight path when we can *smiles and nods*


Looking forward to it to be honest, maybe .. maybe even 68 tonight, but I do not know yet, time will tell.


For now, time to get going..


Priestly hugs.