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Midorian Krij'gDhik - Groups


69 *flex* and still rocking and rolling … questing … instances … more questing … more instancing … and  yes .. questing.


It went sooo fast the last few days .. I don’t even know where to start.


We done all available places we could enter, from Utergarde Keep, Nexus, passed Anoob and beyond, we even done Drak'Tharon Keep with the 3 of us and I got the achievement to prove it *nods*

Though I really have to suppress the healers itch  .. it gets me killed so many times.. I lost track of it. Think I seen the spirit world more in the last few weeks than I have in my entire life so far, all because the itch.

It gets me a little unwanted attention from the bosses in places and I am not really made to withstand it.

As priest I am more of the coward ones, stand in the back and run as one of the first if things go wrong cause I see it go wrong when it happens. So .. taking direct hits is not something I respond well to .. kind of squishy you know, cloth wearing being, even though Draenei and strongly build .. it hurts, allot!.

Sometimes one hit was all it took for me, a few times I was lucky but then they where annoyed I lived and added a few bolts of shadow or a slow creeping poison to it that finished the job, really annoying.

But, it was great fun to even try it and than to make it al the way was even better.


I’m convinced Troyy and Staci are taking over some of my bad habbits, some of the family characteristics come out really clear, large pulls, gathering more in the process and their way of dealing with unexpected situations makes it clear.

Though communications is something we have work on I think:

“Run out!” was Staci’s remark so we did .. not shortly after she gets whacked by the bossie … “a heal would have been nice you know”.

“But you told us to run out ??” was my response.

“Only on part 1 .. I could use some healing on part 2”..

“Oh, you should have told us *looks innocent* ”


Next try I lasted for a whole whopping 45 sec and Troyy had to finish the job for me, bossy thought I was a easy kill and some adds answered the bosses wishes, they where right, I was an easy kill.

Added another death for the statistics.


I could say that I am at my favourite level “69” but I feel the breath of Troyy down my neck telling me to behave *mutters* doughters, cant even have have some fun.


That reminds me, we have made a new achievement for our self, doing cross worlds instancing not with the looking for group. *smiles*

Guess that requires some explanation.


We have met a kind huntress, Rosa, in a group, she stayed around for more groups and we had fun doing them, she was nice and skilled, even for a first time adventurer, she had not done any before, so we decided to ask her to join us for groups with Staci, Troyy and I entered the looking for group, Staci was busy elsewhere at that time.

She agreed and we went to Nexus and eventually cleared the place, her guild was utterly surprised she told us, made us laugh as we expected it already that it would happen considering her level. I mean getting Nexus achievement at 66 is not common.

She joined us for Utergarde keep on where I had to give up, I fell asleep halfway but I heard her guild was more surprised when she also got that achievement done and a lot of experience from the 2 places.

Makes me happy to know she had fun. Maybe we’ll meet again someday, who knows.

Hope she’s all right and we did not spoil her with our crazy runs all over the place as we have done for a while now.


Well .. 69 and a half, think 70 is an option tonight, but we’ll see on where it ends, as long as we have fun I do not mind.


Priestly hugs