YESSSS 70! E-mail
Midorian Krij'gDhik - learning and examms


Awesome, amazed, happy and really relieved than the last part of the journey finally has begun. Slowly but surely it comes to an end and than we can do the fun things in the serious places. Like 3 woman heroics, fun raids, more pugs and discover new places.


Pugs .. this reminds me of yesterday, we pugged the last 2 places I had to go for the last part to become 70. 4 friends and 1 random.

Imagine this, you enter LFG and wait, you get called for a group and when you enter it’s 2 80’s, 1 72 and one 69 .. I bet even you would say  .. “huh?!?” .

I can only imagine how they felt when entering. It was fun though, at first I was not aware of them getting any damage, I was not used to heal someone with a greater heal. I mean Staci hardly ever took any damage at all. So I was a little startled to see one got smacked a few times to many with some nasty damage and blinked a few times, sadly a few times to many it turned out .. Damn, it mend I had to actually do something now. Uncalled for .. outrageous, a priest that had to heal for a change.


The Warlock was not so friendly, picking on me all the time, she was really evul at times, I think hanging out with the daemons all the time makes you pick up a few habits. Not any good ones .. but what can you do .. you still love her cause she’s a daughter and with that it will always be your child *sigh*

I still think we need to talk and make sure she does not get sucked into the daemon world someday, it worries me some, same as Staci with her huge amount of horde kills.

75.000+ and counting, she’s going to face them all someday and make her their own .. hate to see that day, hope she’s careful enough.


But hey, 70 now, new places to go to .. new things to discover and new instances to visit on where we will 3 woman it to a end for sure.

Looking forward to it.


Priestly hugs.