Still 70 .. E-mail
Midorian Krij'gDhik - learning and examms


At least, I think I am .. can’t remember much after last night 0:55 to be honest …


I leaned back and .. opened my eyes again just to see that somehow I lost contact with the world .. I left it at that and dragged myself to bed.


Yesterday was nice though.


It’s funny how sometimes people can change from an uncertain, somewhat insecure person to a solid, confident person in a matter of weeks or months. It’s truly a pleasure.

Confident and appearing totally in control and know what and where to go. No doubts and hesitation noticeable and in good control of the group and on where it goes to.

It’s a pleasure to see, it’s a joy to experience and it makes it even more enjoyable if you see the person grow in their abilities.. *pokes Troyy*


Yesterday Troyy and I went on questing and instancing together, no Staci with us this time.

She was poking other dragons, bosses, people ..ehm .. Hord and other things that tried to flee from her. They failed, I am sure of that *smiles*

It went great, after getting a new outfit she’s awesome at tanking than ever before, healing her is joy although she still takes a few hits once in a while it is manageable.

Sometimes even better than some other party members that assumed they had to tank also.

We had 2 groups yesterday, one good one, that was pure fun and another  .. less adapted to the outlands or even groups … they where more the solo kind of people.

Probably been questing alone a little to much and thinking they can handle a 72 elite alone at 69 without problems…  right .. my experience is that they can’t and my mana pool proved it a few time *grin*


A new person was added to The free guild and he maybe continuing with us to do places or quests, who knows. He seemed nice and friendly.

One can never tell till you have been with them for a while *nods*


That reminds me.

In my guild there is a druid that I know for quite some time and she’s really nice.

Once you get to know her for the time I do, you even dare to make a joke before getting your head ripped of *hides for misty*.

Recently she decided to take on engineering. Now I don’t mind having her run around with tools, it’s her decision ... now … that opinion does change when she starts to get a little more advanced and tells everyone with pride she now can make explosive sheep’s.

That scares me.

No, that does not scare me .. it FREAKS the hell out of me, cause I know what will happen if I ever am going to group with her in whatever place, and I fear the day it will happen.

I say this cause of multiple comments I seen in the guild trying to figure out a tactic on how to sacrifice me in whatever place and whatever way .. it does not matter who or what, but it ends with me and her explosive sheep’s .. scary!.


We’ll see where this ends, for now I try to avoid the day it will happen as much as I can, I love my life a little to much for that.

Maybe I should not have made the remark of wanting her to be a mount that can be summoned as pleased when she was in cat form .. or posted the picture of her in bear form on she ship in ICC with a rocket pack strapped to her butt … maybe .. who knows.


Anyway, time for me to get going soon and 71 tonight.. or 72 even, who knows.


Priestly hugs