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Midorian Krij'gDhik - learning and examms


What a place this is, awesome and big with vast plains and a occasional sinkhole and some waters, mountain ridges, flying pyramids and a foggy coastal shore.

Every few hundred yards the scenery changes a little and it feels like your in a new place all the time, for me that never gets boring.

Same as the group I travel with, at times I learn new things from them or about them, even though they can de odd, I’d not want to be without them ..  guess that’s normal if it are your own.


Staci and Troyy, gaining maturity .. I think .. steady and I see them grow on so many fronts it is scary at times but a pleasure at times.


Staci “the silent” rouge with her natural hard headed stubbornness but big heart, who puts herself aside for others .. if they are close to her that is and it seems her circle of friends is not that big but the ones she calls her friends are special themselves in one way or the other.


Troyy “head first” the shiny paladin that does not need much time to consider but rushes in head first taking the tank lead really fast and she gets good at it, every time I am more amazed, though her determination but also stubborn .. like -really- stubborn characteristics are both charming and annoying at times.


We done all of the quests available in Borean and we even helped out the D.E.H.T.A with some of their tasks, freed some calf and killed a few divers here and there and poachers where not even safe for us and we collected their ears as proof.


Collecting ears .. how odd can it become, though in the past I had to collect heads, brains, talons .. basically every body part that can be collected, but never has ears before.

The problem is not on getting them, although it is as it turned out not every one seems to have a head or brains. For the last I can imagine, cause I seen the prove, goes for monster, villains and anything that runs around as well as people .. but that is a different story *nods*


Detha are a real bunch of tree huggers, I mean, we killed a animal accidently and as soon as we approached they attacked us.

The bugger ran into the fight, not that is was running away.

Imagine this:

Your attacking a poacher, a deer runs in while you are fiercely fighting to the death, you look at the poacher and say “hold on, a deer” and step back to wait till it passes, than continue fighting…


Think the poacher will agree and for the love of the animals, he tried to kill anyway , he will step back also .. think again!, he will continue to trying to kill you..


But noooo , the dehta has no understanding for this and runs towards you to do the same and also tries to kill you  … idiots.

Anyway, we managed to do al their tasks and get a achievement for it but I am sure I’ll not return to them soon.


And than .. I met my true queen *smiles* well, if that was possible she’d be that.

Queen Alexstraza.

Troyy wanted her armour, I’d settle for just her *smiles* so she can have the armour after I pealed it off her *nods*

Dreams and wishes .. one can have not to many and impossible dreams are nice, knowing it will never happen but fantasising about it is a nice way to escape reality occasionally.

I bet she’s in many men’s.. or girls, wet dreams *giggles*


The last few days it has been nice though, we laughed, fought, poked and done out tasks .. and we gained experience, done exams and spend waaay to much on training.

Yesterday we visited gundrak and have to say that it was scary, a lot of “things” there like snakes, mammoths, snakes, bity fishies, some warlock kind trolls and more snakes.

But we went through it and even felt the power of the weird troll with his ghost pet.


Where probably going to stay there for a little longer and do some tasks for them in the time to come, not sure yet, we’ll see.

I’ll go anywhere as long as there is fun and nice things to do.


After a nice break we’ll pick up soon again to get going again, till than I’ll enjoy the time off, though hope Staci and Troyy will behave and I won’t see Azaroth back like it has been hit by a cataclysm of some sort *grins*


Priestly hugs and till soon