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Kenisha Nightshade - Friends list

 Sometimes it happens, you meet people and they actually want to help or are just friendly.

Sadly I have to say I know the sad version more than the good one, though, yestersay it did happen.


Walking around in Eversong Woods towards a quest I met her while she ran around also, gave her my fortitude buff as it only cost me a some mana and ran on, she invited me and we sort of stuck together doing quests and killing things.


It was nice to experience this, it has been a long time ago since I have been below the levels of 50 and the attitudes of “I want this” or “*ninja’d Item, evul laugh, *player left the group*” actions.


Hopefully she did not level to much and that hunter I pitied will also be there, would be nice to make a sort of level group and go from there.


Although that hunter part needs some more explaining.

Gathered some grenades and was able to throw one in time, she stopped and came back to me.

I thought I’d get my Belfish behind kicked but it ended in a conversation and it was actually nice.

Later on she turned 10 and I’d congratulated her, she now can get a pet.

It for sure will make life on her easier.


Will know more tonight when I can poke people again *smiles*