Level 10! E-mail
Kenisha Nightshade - Quests

 Yes, made it, gained my 10th level as priest and gosh .. it has changed nothing besides that my spells are slightly more expensive now, a small preview on the lvl 80 ones of 25G each …

Like I am looking forward to that  … NOT!.

Oh well, seems to be that way and I can’t help it.

It was patch day today and as always I had to update all I had, game add-ons, memory and my common sense.

It is horrible on where setting seem to go to when the game changes one version, we have to also.

But, have it all working now and went back to my quests, I did read something about a cross realm group thingy  .. available at lvl 15 .. something I think they failed to mention, back to good ol’ questing ooorr .. BATTLE GROUNDS … Oh yeah.

Jolly …


Me as level 10 with all 19’s trying to defend and yes, once again I get one shotted but now I have a decent change when I can shield and heal myself, that evens the odds.

Got several achievements and that always feels nice, should not complain.

I will have my moment of glory when I am 19 and they are 10 *evul grin*