Exit Eversong, Hello Ghostlands E-mail
Kenisha Nightshade - Quests

Yes, made 2 levels today and got loads of quests to do now in the ghostlands.

Left the Eversong Woods for good and do not intend to return there for any quest at all.

I am 12 now *Flex*, old enough for the bigger creatures and they will know I am ready for them.


Found the hunter again and we teamed up done some of the last quests in Eversong and than we rushed into the Ghost lands, have to say she does know how to use her pet *grin* in more ways than 1 …

Had a good time and enjoyed it really well, think she needs to slow down some so we can do more together, would be nice but that is her choice to make, all I can do is to ask, who knows.

Thus that will be the next thing I ask when I see her.


People in Tranquilling are really  nice, they had a lot of tasks for us and it will take some time before I am don with it, maybe even gain another level … or 2 even. Will see as time will tell.

Gaining popularity with them is easy, ran in, talked to a few and done a few tasks and I’m already a friendly face in that town, wonder how long it will take before they worship me there *grin* “Bow for the mighty Priest Karanthia” if they ever will.. but Hey, one may have dreams, can I ?


Back to doing my tasks now as till they do, I need to prove myself