Namechange and finished exams E-mail
Kenisha Nightshade - Quests

Sadly I had to change my name as the gods told me my name was used before but a error made it able to reuse the name and there was a problem with the world if we had the same name.

As I was later then the “original” Karanthia in getting my name, I had to change it, I do not want to be responsible for destruction of the world I try to save, I changed it for the sake of the world.


This means I now am known as Kenisha


Well, it has been a long time since I have written anything.

It has been a hell of a ride the last few weeks but these days are over now, entered some quieter waters and things have time to settle now.

Thanks to Jaeni who stood by my side all the time during my endeavor to my final exam I have finished training and am now looking at the real work.

Work as in healing through hard places and making sure people get out of there alive.

I know it will not be easy at first, a lot of training to be done and new things to explore that my trainer thought me .. well he did rip me off for it, I know that for a fact.

20G a new spell .. I would not call that fair to be honest…


Anyway, as I said the training is over, finally and thanks to Jaeni I can enter most places without a real problem .. I hope, she gave me a robe to wear that suits my needs, same as the gloves that goes with it and I have to say, the moonshroud Robe and matching gloves really suit me, I even look nice in them *grin* , good to seduce people to take me along with them to whatever place they intend to go to.


To be honest I have to say that if it was not for Jaeni I have my doubts if I would have made it through.

Times as a healer is not really easy, people tend to blame the healer first and decide to replace the healer, while the tank in many cases is really not suited for the role it has chosen.

So I have seen a Warrior in a place being trained as fury or a paladin as healer.

In both cases I had a really hard time keeping them up and when a few times we failed they blamed me while I was doing all I can to keep them alive though my mana was not enough for it.

Confronting the tank with his damage he took lead to my removal of the group as I was not “qualified” for healer …


Oh well, will have to get used to that I suppose, time will tell if that is a standard wy to deal with the rare breed of healers, their loss, not mine, I have Jaeni to support me if needed … if I see her again that is …

When I finished my training she kissed me goodbye and left, I doubt I’ll ever see her again for any place, if I understood her right, she was only here to help me getting to finish my training.

Though my hoped are up, will miss her dearly if she does not return once in a while to poke me, I’d love that.


Good thing Zalmea was there to comfort me as she’s really nice, caring and helped me when I got lost not knowing what to do now.

Sometimes she shows sides I have not seen of her but than again, so do I to her I suppose.


Well, time to get going, new adventures awaits for me and I am ready for them.





Exit Eversong, Hello Ghostlands E-mail
Kenisha Nightshade - Quests

Yes, made 2 levels today and got loads of quests to do now in the ghostlands.

Left the Eversong Woods for good and do not intend to return there for any quest at all.

I am 12 now *Flex*, old enough for the bigger creatures and they will know I am ready for them.


Found the hunter again and we teamed up done some of the last quests in Eversong and than we rushed into the Ghost lands, have to say she does know how to use her pet *grin* in more ways than 1 …

Had a good time and enjoyed it really well, think she needs to slow down some so we can do more together, would be nice but that is her choice to make, all I can do is to ask, who knows.

Thus that will be the next thing I ask when I see her.


People in Tranquilling are really  nice, they had a lot of tasks for us and it will take some time before I am don with it, maybe even gain another level … or 2 even. Will see as time will tell.

Gaining popularity with them is easy, ran in, talked to a few and done a few tasks and I’m already a friendly face in that town, wonder how long it will take before they worship me there *grin* “Bow for the mighty Priest Karanthia” if they ever will.. but Hey, one may have dreams, can I ?


Back to doing my tasks now as till they do, I need to prove myself




Level 10! E-mail
Kenisha Nightshade - Quests

 Yes, made it, gained my 10th level as priest and gosh .. it has changed nothing besides that my spells are slightly more expensive now, a small preview on the lvl 80 ones of 25G each …

Like I am looking forward to that  … NOT!.

Oh well, seems to be that way and I can’t help it.

It was patch day today and as always I had to update all I had, game add-ons, memory and my common sense.

It is horrible on where setting seem to go to when the game changes one version, we have to also.

But, have it all working now and went back to my quests, I did read something about a cross realm group thingy  .. available at lvl 15 .. something I think they failed to mention, back to good ol’ questing ooorr .. BATTLE GROUNDS … Oh yeah.

Jolly …


Me as level 10 with all 19’s trying to defend and yes, once again I get one shotted but now I have a decent change when I can shield and heal myself, that evens the odds.

Got several achievements and that always feels nice, should not complain.

I will have my moment of glory when I am 19 and they are 10 *evul grin*