The beginning E-mail
Oakinda Whisperleaf - Training


Weird how things can go.


One moment your minding your own business and the next your talking to someone telling you, you can do great things but I had to train for it.

As I had nothing else to do I sort of decided to follow up on this, more out of curiosity than hunger for knowledge. I mean playing with nature’s magic was something I always could do, but it was mere fun and harmless, not any of that I can do now already and I bearly started it seems…


Oh, yes, let’s not be rude and I’ll introduce myself, I’m Oakinda Whisperleaf, born in the planes of Mulgore … well … in the medical centre of thunder bluff, but that is a minor detail. Raised to be a creative person with an open mind of things and not really shy of exploring as I like to do that and a more than common interest of nature.


My parents where hard workers and never had the ability to tap into the power of nature and there is no idea where the abilities comes from, although it seems that my grandmother did had the ability but in a less developed form and never used it. Seems it skipped an generation.


Well than, here am I, training to be a Druid for the Tauren race, making Mulgore a more interesting place to be and learning to be strong.


Where this journey will lead me, I have no idea, time will tell, I do know that it has been interesting so far and I have done things I never thought possible.

For now I am doing tasks for many people, some easy some hard and some will be impossible unless I train harder, but eventually I will do them all.


I hope to meet interesting new people and see many places in this rather big world of Azaroth.

For now, time for me to get going, many tings to do and to little time to do them in.


Nature’s grace on all and till next time.