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69 *flex* and still rocking and rolling … questing … instances … more questing … more instancing … and  yes .. questing.


It went sooo fast the last few days .. I don’t even know where to start.


We done all available places we could enter, from Utergarde Keep, Nexus, passed Anoob and beyond, we even done Drak'Tharon Keep with the 3 of us and I got the achievement to prove it *nods*

Though I really have to suppress the healers itch  .. it gets me killed so many times.. I lost track of it. Think I seen the spirit world more in the last few weeks than I have in my entire life so far, all because the itch.

It gets me a little unwanted attention from the bosses in places and I am not really made to withstand it.

As priest I am more of the coward ones, stand in the back and run as one of the first if things go wrong cause I see it go wrong when it happens. So .. taking direct hits is not something I respond well to .. kind of squishy you know, cloth wearing being, even though Draenei and strongly build .. it hurts, allot!.

Sometimes one hit was all it took for me, a few times I was lucky but then they where annoyed I lived and added a few bolts of shadow or a slow creeping poison to it that finished the job, really annoying.

But, it was great fun to even try it and than to make it al the way was even better.


I’m convinced Troyy and Staci are taking over some of my bad habbits, some of the family characteristics come out really clear, large pulls, gathering more in the process and their way of dealing with unexpected situations makes it clear.

Though communications is something we have work on I think:

“Run out!” was Staci’s remark so we did .. not shortly after she gets whacked by the bossie … “a heal would have been nice you know”.

“But you told us to run out ??” was my response.

“Only on part 1 .. I could use some healing on part 2”..

“Oh, you should have told us *looks innocent* ”


Next try I lasted for a whole whopping 45 sec and Troyy had to finish the job for me, bossy thought I was a easy kill and some adds answered the bosses wishes, they where right, I was an easy kill.

Added another death for the statistics.


I could say that I am at my favourite level “69” but I feel the breath of Troyy down my neck telling me to behave *mutters* doughters, cant even have have some fun.


That reminds me, we have made a new achievement for our self, doing cross worlds instancing not with the looking for group. *smiles*

Guess that requires some explanation.


We have met a kind huntress, Rosa, in a group, she stayed around for more groups and we had fun doing them, she was nice and skilled, even for a first time adventurer, she had not done any before, so we decided to ask her to join us for groups with Staci, Troyy and I entered the looking for group, Staci was busy elsewhere at that time.

She agreed and we went to Nexus and eventually cleared the place, her guild was utterly surprised she told us, made us laugh as we expected it already that it would happen considering her level. I mean getting Nexus achievement at 66 is not common.

She joined us for Utergarde keep on where I had to give up, I fell asleep halfway but I heard her guild was more surprised when she also got that achievement done and a lot of experience from the 2 places.

Makes me happy to know she had fun. Maybe we’ll meet again someday, who knows.

Hope she’s all right and we did not spoil her with our crazy runs all over the place as we have done for a while now.


Well .. 69 and a half, think 70 is an option tonight, but we’ll see on where it ends, as long as we have fun I do not mind.


Priestly hugs



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66 now .. still dazed from the speed it went in I’m enjoying it.

It has been some odd adventure from the last time till now, seen Hellfire, be it breafly, seen terrokar for like 3 times and than we have been in zagramarsh for one evening .. and now I seen Utergarde keep being cleared.

Even at 65 it still is an amazing place *smiles*


I’ll explain how this all happened.


Staci was willing to do a rampfart run .. or 4 and we went into it and it was great, gaining XP in amounts I have never seen before and things that I could not DE couse of the low skill..

Went to 60 in a blink, same as 61, 62 and 63 .. doing zangremarsh and terrokar as soon as they became avalible ..


Now .. we heard that Uteragarde keep was something we could go to at 65 .. as curious as we where we tried it and it was great, we even finished it  .. well I did got the irresistible itch to heal and had to pay the price for it .. 13g on repairs … still better then training to be honest .. the trainers rip me off all the time, insane people.


Being in Rampfarts and blood furnace it was nice to see how smooth it all went, little mishap here and there but that an be traced back to some healing eager priest doing stupid things  .. Lies  .. all of them , the priest was innocent .. really *nods* 

Well, actually I did not pull any intentional these runs, if I did it was purely by accident.

Though, think not many will believe me when I say that .. really wonder why..


Coilfang was awesome, facing 71 elites and lived through it, though the dps output as 63 on them is like 23dps .. not something to be proud off , will take ages to kill them if Ihad to do it, considering they have over 60.000 health .. Lucky Stacy knows what to do and troy can heal and resurrect also so that was a comforting thought.. -if- she gets the aiming and some spells  right *grin*


Terrokar is just a weird place, declined by one cause we needed to be 64 at least .. than we could enter but they refused to give us quests … than we could get them but where moved on to another place to not return there soon .. Abandoned them, will not need them anymore so what’s the use of keeping them ..


Troyy and me have grown a lot, where both 66 now and out next stop is nexus I think, cause they will let us in there than, only thing I do not know yet is how to get there but I think we’ll have to ask some elders to aid, we can switch them out later and than continue .. even get flight path when we can *smiles and nods*


Looking forward to it to be honest, maybe .. maybe even 68 tonight, but I do not know yet, time will tell.


For now, time to get going..


Priestly hugs.

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Scholomange, stratholme, Eastern plague lands, western plaguelands and teristfall glades, they contain more undead than I think I’ll ever see alive .. well , besides terisfall glades as horde runs around there .. seesm to be a capital of theirs ..

One day it was ours but they claimd to be theirs .. whatever .. ours means.

Coming from space and somewhere else we call home it makes “ours” to in some perspective and to be honest, I doubt that after so many undead being there, there is no way you can make it a healthy place to live in anymore, let them have it.

Though running through Scholomanche it is nice to see there where still a lot of books well preserved and I read some of them, it’s good to learn more about what happened here in the past .. though I doubt it will be usefull, it’s doomed anyway.



So far the history lessons ..


Staci is back, someone opened the door and thought her a wise lessons “the use of proxy servers is not supported by the world” whatever that means .. Understanding talking to the hord seems also forbidden but recently they made it possible by some service called “real ID” or something .. must be expensive to use .. I think .. but the gods punishment for doing so is exile, banned for life .. though now they made it possible .. *confused*. They need to work on their internal communications I suppose.

I don’t care if they slapped her on the wrist, she’s with us and it is herself again.


Troyy took us into sholo and when we where done Staci still had to go to Zul Farrak to complete some quests she had so we ventured there to make it happen.

Funny thing is, last time I was there it was pretty hard but now .. a walk in the park.


I tried to drag them into school and I was great, awesome even  . .sadly Troyy got killed like on ever pull I done soo .. somewhere I did something wrong ,, I fear.

But I could bring her back everytime, well besides the one time I had to ask the spirithealer for directions and saw the world in some weird grey shade … but I managed to find my way back and brought her back and we continued .. and I ressed her again .. *sigh* I was not made for that I fear.


And I am 54 now, close to 55 even and soooooon outlands *grin* think Troyy will not be pleased and Staci even less but ..hey  .. what can I say, Space goat from hell and mad priest as class .. it should count for something *grins*, who knows I get a few more titles added in the process, it be a neat addition *smirks*


So, quess some more undeads and maybe an occasional Hord added, where on our way to the outlands, ready to face whatever comes our way.


One little thing I would like to mention couse it’s something I have a feeling that will come across my path a few times..

In the guild there is a hunter called MCbacon .. I mean MCterror .. you see  . I call her that way for a while now and seems it sticks and Imade the mistake a few times now .. though the weird thing is that she starts to threathen me with blowing me up in some place, not sure where yet but she’s determind to make it happen .. quess I need to be on my hooves for the time to come.


Well, that’s it for today, hopefully more tomorrow


Priestly hugs

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It was time, time to venture into Stratholme and see if the stories where right about all the undead they roamed the place.


They where…


Never knew there so many, and so aggressive, coming from every corner trying to make us part of their population.

Lucky Troyy and Staci prevented this with my help as healer, though at times it was a close one, lucky for us Troyy learned how to revive people otherwise I’d think we’d be walking around in strat as part of them.. don’t want to even think about it, lucky I don’t we survived and even helped the baron into another place.


The guild seemed to have had a good evening, many achievements where made from the ICC place, seems they all saved them for one evening and do them all at once, yesterday was the day than.


As I’m 52 now I can feel the outlands lure, think I’ll put on the naughty shoes .. or better, I keep them on, and venture there soon to take a sneak peak.

Though I know I only get quests at 58 I can still try and see how it goes, maybe even poke someone to join me and see from there, time will tell but the peak will be soon.

For now it will be poking undeads, gathering more items, doing many more quests and probably join more groups than I can count.


Just a note to myself, maybe should write in on my forehead so I can see it daily .. go train! .. spend another 34g on it again but there was so much to learn, this now explains why I was healing so little all the time, I just had the 46 versions of them, still had to learn the 48, 50 and 52 ones … now healing goes a lot easier.


So, back to killing things, gathering items and joining groups.


Priestly hugs.

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Sow, 49 now and what a time it has been.


A true rush for everyone involved and been a hell of a ride but a true fun one.

One of ups and downs, boosts, quests, awesome groups, sadly not so awesome groups, simply rude people and really nice ones.


From 1 to 15 it was a dull time in just running quests and getting them done, gain experience and see to it that the desired level was achieved. The one on where the dungeon finder was unlocked and you could queue for it. when that moment was there, it was time to take a deep breath and enter the first instance at level 15 and as a wannabe healer.


It was amazing, a good group, people knowing what they where doing, acting on situations, picking up where needed it was like clockwork, it was a truly enjoyable experience.

Sadly, as people know, this was rare but I found it a true pleasure to have it as my first group.

Many groups came and went, a lot of where one goal was important, the bag of spoils and getting out of that place asap. To bad.. it could have been so much better if they paid a little more attention to what they where  doing.

From one group the other. As healer you do not have much time to prepare and within 1 minute the next group would be ready to go.

At times I entered in the middle of a fight healing right away as they where in battle and their previous healer left them. Don’t know why as the group was fairly decent and took every member into consideration, must be me than taking things more relaxed, knowing that if needed I could heal through many difficult situations.


Old friends joined in the race for the last exam and switched along the way to more suitable classes, Rogue to warrior to druid, Death knight to Paladin *pokes Stacy and Troyy*.

Guilds where joined, and yes, sometimes it’s some weird feeling of entering a warm bath when you join guilds on where you know at least 5 people for a long time already and some still remember you.


Than there was that one group in mauradon, determined to get to the boss in a fast way but never having the “rush” feeling with it. We killed the boss, queued and done the same place again only than to decide to continue, to clear the place. It took us some time, maybe some longer than planned but we did it, we killed all including the princess and that at level range from 39 to 42 and 0 wipes. it was amazing. Personally I’d wish I was able to group with them all the time, always even. Felt like I was in group heaven and it was so unreal professional that I hoped it never would end, ever. Sadly it did, but these moments is why I still dare to enter LFG, you never know what your going to be joined with and most of the time is average, but sometimes, on that rare moment, it happens and than it is why I do it. That is why I press the “join Queue” option


For now I have 2 close friends with me, venturing into whatever place they set their mind on and all I have to do is to play the vacuum cleaner, looting the flow of dead bodies they leave behind and disenchant all that is not needed.


They call me the crazy priest, not sure why but I think it has to do with the fact that I know they are capable of doing more, exploring their limits and flaws, pushing beyond them and get to know their class properly. It’s not that they both don’t know what they are doing, on the contrary, they know very well what they can do, or should do but it is a little to careful at times, one pulled at a time on where I am convinced they can do 2, 3, 4 or even 5 at a time. I know I can heal them through it and they can hold agro while tanking, why not do it than?, why not add the few more?. So I put on the naughty shoes and go against all protocols as priest and more as healer, just tag a few more, bring them over to them and fade if they are close to them.

They can pick them up easy and I can continue healing and using my wand as they tank them.

It works great and I think it is of their benefit more than mine. Gives them confidence they can handle it and makes me smile hearing or reading their comments on it, also, I get to be the naughty pulling priest. Good thing is that they know me and I know them. It just works and we all know that if was not safe or doable; I’d not do it and let them handle it.


We done Blackrock spire yesterday and loved it, the 3 of us in there, made it till 49 and some, from 47. Tonight I hope to get to 50 and go see scholo or even strat soon. One can only hope for it and I can hear the comments on them if I ‘accidently’ ninja pull a group.


Than it won’t be long till outlands and than finally northern end till we are able to do heroics and maybe, maybe even raids but time will tell on that last one. Currently I have no real desire to raid but want to have fun in places and do what I enjoy most.




Cuddly priest hugs and I’ll try to keep up this posting, though I don’t know when the next one will be