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Kenisha Nightshade - Groups,Raids

What a week .. packed with new things and impressions and new people.

I’ll explain.


For a while now I know that my other part has moved to another world. The pain, sorrows and sadness over lost people was to much for her and to be able to survive she moved elsewhere.

Now I know it will sound like she fled but if you could see the sadness in her eyes and the pain on her face whenever she was around, you would have done the same thing.


I will not go into details as that is her part of the story and not mine to tell.

It does not take much to know that even I was part of this, maybe justified, maybe not .. maybe I should have tried harder .. questions that will never be answered as it has happened, can’t change the past and will have to look towards the future.


This is the reason I decided to switch also and give the both of us a new start on a new place and new people around us. It felt right and it was time to take action.


So .. time to pack and organise things .. poke the last one in my list that was still around and one last look around the place where we spend a lot of time, closing my eyes and taking a deep breath I stepped into the unknown knowing that if I opened them, I’d be on a new place on what from appearances looks the same but the people are different and I am with her again.. not only in cross world whispers, but looking at her .. feeling her and able to hug her.


Sounds fades and new ones came to me, I had arrived, opening my eyes I looked around and saw people running around, some standing, sting or on a mount, a lot of chatting and the buzz of a crowd was there again. For a second I feared it did not work and I was still on the old world but a quick look at my little notebook and on the friends page I saw it was empty, it had been wiped clean.


A new but familiar feeling came upon me, one of happiness, comforting, secure and pleasure. It took me a little to figure it out but than I remembered. It was the presence of the one I moved for, she was here and I could feel her. It made me smile and happy.


But what now .. I mean, I’m there .. in a strange world where I know no one, well not really no one as I was here a long time ago for a little while but I know for sure they do not remember me as not only I went by another name, also a whole other class. In whispers I said I arrived to her.


I think I can mention her name now, will mention it more anyway and it will take away the urge for people to say “Who is she?, give us a name!..”, her name is Noh, she wanders this world as an orc huntress. Though appearances are different, I know who she is as I can see the sky light up if she is close.


She had told her guild master of my arrival, as she wanted to have me around her all the time, and he seemed eager to talk to me, so I got a name I had to find and contact. The name was “Zeon” so in my up most polite way I could think of I send him a message. Turned out it was not needed to be all formal.. just my luck .. want to make an good first impression I over do it.

He wanted to know all about me.. my history and some more.


I was nervous, really nervous and when I wanted to write anything it did not make sense, wasn’t right or had the words mixed up, knowing he had a raid to lead I decided it might be better to answer them some other time so he could focus more on leading his guild though the nasty place of Ice crown.


Several whispers later that I send to him what was intended for Noh, I need to get my head fixed somehow, sending them to wrong persons all the time, he asked me if I wanted to join for the place as they wanted me to join on their adventure.


And there I stood, at the entrance of ICC, the huge gate and the portal they made to enter. I gently stepped in and was amazed by the large entrance, wish I can get a home like that someday, I’d love it if that would happen but I fear for now I will have to do with my little house in Winterspring. All had arrived and we went forward, slaying some of the not so important creatures that where there till we found two little doggies. The thought of giving them doggie treats crossed my mind but when I saw he’d attack us on sight, that though made place for deciding the spells needed to keep people alive .. darn nasty doggies.

Tough as expected we survived thanks to Ahaja who, in my world is a great admirable healer, way better then I am.


As you can imagine, not much fantasy is needed to do this, we encountered the one we where looking for. One big ugly looking fellow. On first sight you think he’d been playing with gnomish grenades cause he was all sowed up but than again .. the one that did it needs to do some classed also, it was all wrong … kind of felt sorry for him being this way.

We confronted him with it and right away he started to hit people, the rude bastard .. so we returned the favour .. though he had help from someone that at the time we where teaching him manners, he had to fix pipes with some ugly toxic slime .. if you ask me he could have waited till we where done here, but noooo , he did it while we thought the ugly one a lesson.


Though we had many nice attempts to see if could convince him we gave up and would come back later to do it again. Rudeness like this needs to be disciplined.


People still where up for some more things to do and we went to see if we could get the mean dragon that houses in The Obsidian Sanctum, a part of the Chamber of Aspects. So there we went and rushed in, killed all but the three drakes and the majesty herself.


Though after awesome attempts we almost got it done, almost being the keyword.

It proved to be a little much of a fight for us in the current condition though next time .. they will get him for sure, convinced of it.


All in all I got a peak in the guild Noh is in, all I can say that is that they are nice people, skilled and eager to learn and not afraid to try and most important, to learn.

I now can imagine why she loves it there and wants me in there also.


But .. I need to answer Zeon’s questions first and will have to do a lot of heroics to make that happen. Not sure if I can make it come true before the doom hits, more signs appear the world will undergo changes soon.


For me, I think I can find my place in there without many problems, will be some adjusting cause I been alone for so long.



When I know more, I’ll let you know.


Blessed hugs from a holy priest.