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*looks at the title*  Yes, First time I am able to make a title that on first looks does not make any sense at all. It will when your ready reading, at least I hope so.


Will start with quests ..



n:  The act or an instance of seeking or pursuing something; a search.


*nods* yes, perusing something.. and that I did .. all the time .. but could I catch it.. no way!.

Buggers does not seem to have flanks ..

I had to collect 8 Grizzly bear flanks and finally after killing 67! Of them I had them all. Seems only the exceptional have flanks but they hide amongst the “normal” population and are extremely rare *nods*  another one was to find and of course kill some odd person. I found him, but killing him .. not an option really if your Holy, not even easy as Disc I noticed.  Doomed to a live of instances for sure!. Oh well, made it till 78 now and slowly but surely I can see the end coming near for me. 80 for now, than I am done and the real works begins.


With this, groups will be more frequent also. Tanks being numb nuts and I really fear for the first heroic I’ll do concerning the group, I hope they are not all “I am 80 now and I am gooood!” *charges, hits, dies with 1/3 of the place pounding on it* sort of people.

Kind of Troyy but than they do NOT know what they are doing.

Time will tell, won’t be long now I suppose, depends on what will happen till 80.

One thing I learned, alone .. I am noting but a clothy, getting smacked around all the time.

Feels like an endless game of ping pong. It hits, I heal, it hits, I heal, it hits . I cast a DoT and heal, it hits harder, I heal …. Last time it took 7 minutes to kill a awe full person that had something I wanted.


Communication is important in these groups, even in life it is. Miscommunications can lead to odd situations. As fun as they can be, it also can mess up a person pretty easily, sadly at times things can’t be helped and they are always wrong, but at times it can be and that will safe the day … if the other one dares to say it.


I want to tell you a little tale about it, it is rather funny, silly and sad.


The persons in this tale are called Priesty and Pallie.

Priesty was weak, she was never trained in the arts of combat, only in the arts of healing and with it she was good at it. Kept everyone alive she could find and needed her help.

Pallie was really self supporing, she knew exactly how to draw attention, swing her sword and use her shield on a above professional way.

Pallie and Priesty teamed up a long time ago and they have been working together ever since.

One night Priesty did feel to well and told Pallie to take the lead. She did and as always she flew all over the place, landing here, doing that and landing there, doing this. Priesty was lost a lot and when she arrived Pallie was done and went on the next task. Priest ended up doing things alone but as she never had combat experience she failed .. gave up and decided to follow Pallie again, even half done it was at least something.

Pallie was eager and not noticed it as it was the normal speed on where they did tasks in and Priesty never said a word.

Soon Priesty deciced to give up, she was not able to and felt desperate, she made a decision and flew to another place, a more simple one to do tasks in, in the hope to be able to keep up with Pallie on the experience level. Sadly it failed, the lack of combat experience and not able to deal a proper hit made her frustrated and Priesty gave up. She went to bed as Pallie decided to leave the group earlier.

It took 2 days before Pallie poked Priesty again, asking what she had done.

Priesty just told her how she felt, it was not going well in the first place and if Pallie and Priesty could not make up it was nothing lost anyway.

Needles to say that after a few snarls back and forth Pallie and Priesty made up and even smiled after, feeling silly.


The moral *nods* yes there is one as all tales have one .. Communicate, tell what is bothering you or what is going good, complements are nice to get or to give, so are suggestions, hugs, kisses, advice and friendships and a few daughters here and there .. well more here than there.

Good communication and expressing can lead to some nice surprises.


One of them appeared out of nowhere while feeling strong and ran around as want to be huntress, dressed in bare essentials *winks*. Troy and Chyler would shake their heads, convinced of it. Anyway sitting on the bench across the portal palace to anywhere a Draenei appeared, looked around and sat next to me. Now I am not easily impressed but she managed me to peak a few times, making me smile. I won’t tell you yet on who she is but .. oh dear she’s impressive.

Tried to get a conversation going but I fear all I could say was “dhummm, pffrrt .. blehblah ..” Lucky for me she was called to aid some people and could make my way and hide somewhere in some dark corner feeling stupid. *sigh*

I think I’ll stick to Priesty  … Priest .. for now though I could not forsee that she would appear before me when she was done. Weird thing was she looked like a sack of bones and was really small, hough it did not scrared me and I poked her. Ran off and smiled, knowing she did not knew I was the same as the wanna be huntres. Unfortunately I poked to hard it seems and broke one of her ribs. When I offered to heal she only wanted a hug .. well .. I am not the meanest so I agreed. Met up with her and wanted to hug her after making sure I’d not break more. I think that if you get the answer “I am actually a princess, and if you hug me I will turn into my proper self” you will not really hesitate .. neither did I cause I seen her before on the bench *smiles*


I can say it was nice to meet someone as special as she is, not many made lose my words or made me stutter, she managed. Secretly I hope to meet her again .. who knows.. I think she does, as she is farseer and than she got her glasses, that was awesome, I only hope that with glasses it did not scare her. *laughs*


Anyway, enough for now, been alot once again.


Priestly hugs and till later.







*waves* Hi Ash! *giggles*

Borean Tundra, D.E.H.T.A. and tasks. E-mail
Midorian Krij'gDhik - learning and examms


What a place this is, awesome and big with vast plains and a occasional sinkhole and some waters, mountain ridges, flying pyramids and a foggy coastal shore.

Every few hundred yards the scenery changes a little and it feels like your in a new place all the time, for me that never gets boring.

Same as the group I travel with, at times I learn new things from them or about them, even though they can de odd, I’d not want to be without them ..  guess that’s normal if it are your own.


Staci and Troyy, gaining maturity .. I think .. steady and I see them grow on so many fronts it is scary at times but a pleasure at times.


Staci “the silent” rouge with her natural hard headed stubbornness but big heart, who puts herself aside for others .. if they are close to her that is and it seems her circle of friends is not that big but the ones she calls her friends are special themselves in one way or the other.


Troyy “head first” the shiny paladin that does not need much time to consider but rushes in head first taking the tank lead really fast and she gets good at it, every time I am more amazed, though her determination but also stubborn .. like -really- stubborn characteristics are both charming and annoying at times.


We done all of the quests available in Borean and we even helped out the D.E.H.T.A with some of their tasks, freed some calf and killed a few divers here and there and poachers where not even safe for us and we collected their ears as proof.


Collecting ears .. how odd can it become, though in the past I had to collect heads, brains, talons .. basically every body part that can be collected, but never has ears before.

The problem is not on getting them, although it is as it turned out not every one seems to have a head or brains. For the last I can imagine, cause I seen the prove, goes for monster, villains and anything that runs around as well as people .. but that is a different story *nods*


Detha are a real bunch of tree huggers, I mean, we killed a animal accidently and as soon as we approached they attacked us.

The bugger ran into the fight, not that is was running away.

Imagine this:

Your attacking a poacher, a deer runs in while you are fiercely fighting to the death, you look at the poacher and say “hold on, a deer” and step back to wait till it passes, than continue fighting…


Think the poacher will agree and for the love of the animals, he tried to kill anyway , he will step back also .. think again!, he will continue to trying to kill you..


But noooo , the dehta has no understanding for this and runs towards you to do the same and also tries to kill you  … idiots.

Anyway, we managed to do al their tasks and get a achievement for it but I am sure I’ll not return to them soon.


And than .. I met my true queen *smiles* well, if that was possible she’d be that.

Queen Alexstraza.

Troyy wanted her armour, I’d settle for just her *smiles* so she can have the armour after I pealed it off her *nods*

Dreams and wishes .. one can have not to many and impossible dreams are nice, knowing it will never happen but fantasising about it is a nice way to escape reality occasionally.

I bet she’s in many men’s.. or girls, wet dreams *giggles*


The last few days it has been nice though, we laughed, fought, poked and done out tasks .. and we gained experience, done exams and spend waaay to much on training.

Yesterday we visited gundrak and have to say that it was scary, a lot of “things” there like snakes, mammoths, snakes, bity fishies, some warlock kind trolls and more snakes.

But we went through it and even felt the power of the weird troll with his ghost pet.


Where probably going to stay there for a little longer and do some tasks for them in the time to come, not sure yet, we’ll see.

I’ll go anywhere as long as there is fun and nice things to do.


After a nice break we’ll pick up soon again to get going again, till than I’ll enjoy the time off, though hope Staci and Troyy will behave and I won’t see Azaroth back like it has been hit by a cataclysm of some sort *grins*


Priestly hugs and till soon



Still 70 .. E-mail
Midorian Krij'gDhik - learning and examms


At least, I think I am .. can’t remember much after last night 0:55 to be honest …


I leaned back and .. opened my eyes again just to see that somehow I lost contact with the world .. I left it at that and dragged myself to bed.


Yesterday was nice though.


It’s funny how sometimes people can change from an uncertain, somewhat insecure person to a solid, confident person in a matter of weeks or months. It’s truly a pleasure.

Confident and appearing totally in control and know what and where to go. No doubts and hesitation noticeable and in good control of the group and on where it goes to.

It’s a pleasure to see, it’s a joy to experience and it makes it even more enjoyable if you see the person grow in their abilities.. *pokes Troyy*


Yesterday Troyy and I went on questing and instancing together, no Staci with us this time.

She was poking other dragons, bosses, people ..ehm .. Hord and other things that tried to flee from her. They failed, I am sure of that *smiles*

It went great, after getting a new outfit she’s awesome at tanking than ever before, healing her is joy although she still takes a few hits once in a while it is manageable.

Sometimes even better than some other party members that assumed they had to tank also.

We had 2 groups yesterday, one good one, that was pure fun and another  .. less adapted to the outlands or even groups … they where more the solo kind of people.

Probably been questing alone a little to much and thinking they can handle a 72 elite alone at 69 without problems…  right .. my experience is that they can’t and my mana pool proved it a few time *grin*


A new person was added to The free guild and he maybe continuing with us to do places or quests, who knows. He seemed nice and friendly.

One can never tell till you have been with them for a while *nods*


That reminds me.

In my guild there is a druid that I know for quite some time and she’s really nice.

Once you get to know her for the time I do, you even dare to make a joke before getting your head ripped of *hides for misty*.

Recently she decided to take on engineering. Now I don’t mind having her run around with tools, it’s her decision ... now … that opinion does change when she starts to get a little more advanced and tells everyone with pride she now can make explosive sheep’s.

That scares me.

No, that does not scare me .. it FREAKS the hell out of me, cause I know what will happen if I ever am going to group with her in whatever place, and I fear the day it will happen.

I say this cause of multiple comments I seen in the guild trying to figure out a tactic on how to sacrifice me in whatever place and whatever way .. it does not matter who or what, but it ends with me and her explosive sheep’s .. scary!.


We’ll see where this ends, for now I try to avoid the day it will happen as much as I can, I love my life a little to much for that.

Maybe I should not have made the remark of wanting her to be a mount that can be summoned as pleased when she was in cat form .. or posted the picture of her in bear form on she ship in ICC with a rocket pack strapped to her butt … maybe .. who knows.


Anyway, time for me to get going soon and 71 tonight.. or 72 even, who knows.


Priestly hugs


YESSSS 70! E-mail
Midorian Krij'gDhik - learning and examms


Awesome, amazed, happy and really relieved than the last part of the journey finally has begun. Slowly but surely it comes to an end and than we can do the fun things in the serious places. Like 3 woman heroics, fun raids, more pugs and discover new places.


Pugs .. this reminds me of yesterday, we pugged the last 2 places I had to go for the last part to become 70. 4 friends and 1 random.

Imagine this, you enter LFG and wait, you get called for a group and when you enter it’s 2 80’s, 1 72 and one 69 .. I bet even you would say  .. “huh?!?” .

I can only imagine how they felt when entering. It was fun though, at first I was not aware of them getting any damage, I was not used to heal someone with a greater heal. I mean Staci hardly ever took any damage at all. So I was a little startled to see one got smacked a few times to many with some nasty damage and blinked a few times, sadly a few times to many it turned out .. Damn, it mend I had to actually do something now. Uncalled for .. outrageous, a priest that had to heal for a change.


The Warlock was not so friendly, picking on me all the time, she was really evul at times, I think hanging out with the daemons all the time makes you pick up a few habits. Not any good ones .. but what can you do .. you still love her cause she’s a daughter and with that it will always be your child *sigh*

I still think we need to talk and make sure she does not get sucked into the daemon world someday, it worries me some, same as Staci with her huge amount of horde kills.

75.000+ and counting, she’s going to face them all someday and make her their own .. hate to see that day, hope she’s careful enough.


But hey, 70 now, new places to go to .. new things to discover and new instances to visit on where we will 3 woman it to a end for sure.

Looking forward to it.


Priestly hugs.



Heeeelloooooo Northeeeeeeend!! .. E-mail
Midorian Krij'gDhik - Groups


69 *flex* and still rocking and rolling … questing … instances … more questing … more instancing … and  yes .. questing.


It went sooo fast the last few days .. I don’t even know where to start.


We done all available places we could enter, from Utergarde Keep, Nexus, passed Anoob and beyond, we even done Drak'Tharon Keep with the 3 of us and I got the achievement to prove it *nods*

Though I really have to suppress the healers itch  .. it gets me killed so many times.. I lost track of it. Think I seen the spirit world more in the last few weeks than I have in my entire life so far, all because the itch.

It gets me a little unwanted attention from the bosses in places and I am not really made to withstand it.

As priest I am more of the coward ones, stand in the back and run as one of the first if things go wrong cause I see it go wrong when it happens. So .. taking direct hits is not something I respond well to .. kind of squishy you know, cloth wearing being, even though Draenei and strongly build .. it hurts, allot!.

Sometimes one hit was all it took for me, a few times I was lucky but then they where annoyed I lived and added a few bolts of shadow or a slow creeping poison to it that finished the job, really annoying.

But, it was great fun to even try it and than to make it al the way was even better.


I’m convinced Troyy and Staci are taking over some of my bad habbits, some of the family characteristics come out really clear, large pulls, gathering more in the process and their way of dealing with unexpected situations makes it clear.

Though communications is something we have work on I think:

“Run out!” was Staci’s remark so we did .. not shortly after she gets whacked by the bossie … “a heal would have been nice you know”.

“But you told us to run out ??” was my response.

“Only on part 1 .. I could use some healing on part 2”..

“Oh, you should have told us *looks innocent* ”


Next try I lasted for a whole whopping 45 sec and Troyy had to finish the job for me, bossy thought I was a easy kill and some adds answered the bosses wishes, they where right, I was an easy kill.

Added another death for the statistics.


I could say that I am at my favourite level “69” but I feel the breath of Troyy down my neck telling me to behave *mutters* doughters, cant even have have some fun.


That reminds me, we have made a new achievement for our self, doing cross worlds instancing not with the looking for group. *smiles*

Guess that requires some explanation.


We have met a kind huntress, Rosa, in a group, she stayed around for more groups and we had fun doing them, she was nice and skilled, even for a first time adventurer, she had not done any before, so we decided to ask her to join us for groups with Staci, Troyy and I entered the looking for group, Staci was busy elsewhere at that time.

She agreed and we went to Nexus and eventually cleared the place, her guild was utterly surprised she told us, made us laugh as we expected it already that it would happen considering her level. I mean getting Nexus achievement at 66 is not common.

She joined us for Utergarde keep on where I had to give up, I fell asleep halfway but I heard her guild was more surprised when she also got that achievement done and a lot of experience from the 2 places.

Makes me happy to know she had fun. Maybe we’ll meet again someday, who knows.

Hope she’s all right and we did not spoil her with our crazy runs all over the place as we have done for a while now.


Well .. 69 and a half, think 70 is an option tonight, but we’ll see on where it ends, as long as we have fun I do not mind.


Priestly hugs



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