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66 now .. still dazed from the speed it went in I’m enjoying it.

It has been some odd adventure from the last time till now, seen Hellfire, be it breafly, seen terrokar for like 3 times and than we have been in zagramarsh for one evening .. and now I seen Utergarde keep being cleared.

Even at 65 it still is an amazing place *smiles*


I’ll explain how this all happened.


Staci was willing to do a rampfart run .. or 4 and we went into it and it was great, gaining XP in amounts I have never seen before and things that I could not DE couse of the low skill..

Went to 60 in a blink, same as 61, 62 and 63 .. doing zangremarsh and terrokar as soon as they became avalible ..


Now .. we heard that Uteragarde keep was something we could go to at 65 .. as curious as we where we tried it and it was great, we even finished it  .. well I did got the irresistible itch to heal and had to pay the price for it .. 13g on repairs … still better then training to be honest .. the trainers rip me off all the time, insane people.


Being in Rampfarts and blood furnace it was nice to see how smooth it all went, little mishap here and there but that an be traced back to some healing eager priest doing stupid things  .. Lies  .. all of them , the priest was innocent .. really *nods* 

Well, actually I did not pull any intentional these runs, if I did it was purely by accident.

Though, think not many will believe me when I say that .. really wonder why..


Coilfang was awesome, facing 71 elites and lived through it, though the dps output as 63 on them is like 23dps .. not something to be proud off , will take ages to kill them if Ihad to do it, considering they have over 60.000 health .. Lucky Stacy knows what to do and troy can heal and resurrect also so that was a comforting thought.. -if- she gets the aiming and some spells  right *grin*


Terrokar is just a weird place, declined by one cause we needed to be 64 at least .. than we could enter but they refused to give us quests … than we could get them but where moved on to another place to not return there soon .. Abandoned them, will not need them anymore so what’s the use of keeping them ..


Troyy and me have grown a lot, where both 66 now and out next stop is nexus I think, cause they will let us in there than, only thing I do not know yet is how to get there but I think we’ll have to ask some elders to aid, we can switch them out later and than continue .. even get flight path when we can *smiles and nods*


Looking forward to it to be honest, maybe .. maybe even 68 tonight, but I do not know yet, time will tell.


For now, time to get going..


Priestly hugs.

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Before anything else, I’d like to share this: 


The guild made a milestone yesterday, they killed the Lich king and got the title “kings slayer” with it, they where insanely happy about it and I can imagine they where, I would have been if I was there with them. I congratulate them on it and feel glad that allot of hard work is now being rewarded to so many people. Keep up the work. Makes me smile knowing that once a long time ago I’d helped getting it all started and that this is the harvest of it all, if anyone deservers it more, it is them for sure!. I'm proud of them.


Back to what I oridginally wanted to say *smiles*


Outlands ... Whoa .. what a place it is, big, red odd and weird … at least the area they call Hellfire peninsula that is.


From 56 to 59 in one evening, never done things this fast to be honest, it was a rocky ride with some ups and downs, moments of fun and others of frustrations and with surprises.


Why frustrations ? you might ask, well, to be honest things are not always going as planned in groups, I wrote about that on so many occasions that I’ll not do it again so you won’t fall asleep being bored by it, though some servers are worst then others.

Not saying their not skilled, far from it but they have rude character habbits, it seems that it is Server wide and not a few distinct persons.

Not taking others into consideration, just ignoring the role they signed up for and just do what they think is best, talking in a languane others do not understand though there is a common languane we all have to obey and speak. It seems they have a exception on the rules ..

Those people frustrate me .. lucky for me I don’t have to deal with it a lot and only on groups from more than one world ..  and this is only for the time in the places we go.

It just adds to the little things making it less fun. Than again. I know that where I am now, there are skilled people AND they are considerate *smiles* so if I feel bad and really insulted and hurt by it I cuddle into their warm embraces and feel happy.

Hey, I might be a mom, but still have my desires for cuddling moments.. kk ? good .. now  look away if you can’t handle it. I’m a person to  ..


Funny, now that I see the person part it reminds me of a conversation I had in whispers with a priest named Sanctipatri, I have met a while back and who saw the light and decided to see the Alliance side of things, never been more happy about things that dedicated Hord people going Alliance. *smiles*

He’s nice, polite, has manners and is somewhat free in his way of speaking but I do not mind, it flatters me and makes me smile, that for me is what count. He can be cheeky in remarks but that is fun .. I can be suggestive to and the combination is just fun.

Hold your horses Troyy, no more sisters to be added.. no brothers either if your wondering .. I have enough as it is and I have no desire to expand the family already.

But to come back to the conversation, he opened with “Hia adorable creature” on where I gave him my snobby spoiled routine just to see on how he would react.

It was refreshing and fun, convinced me that he could have done it different but then it would not be the same cuddly warm feeling he tried to add to it .. thinking back on it I can only say that he’s right, it wouldn’t be and got sorry I’d gave him the snobby side of me. He didn’t deserved that. Will make up for that when I speak to him again.


But back to whatever I was trying to say  .. oh yes, covered the frustrations onto the fun part.

Doing groups with friends makes a few things possible, one of them is their way they react on certain situations, I know for instance that Troyy hardly amazes herself about me adding a frew more when questing .. this actually helped to improve her skills as tank, she told me so herself and I seen it happen on several occasions, so that is a joy to see, Staci keep being her self, more the mellowed rogue barely raising an eyebrow if daggers and arrow fly by or a boss runs past her onto whatever is behind her, more or less looking at it as if is one of the most normal things in the world, raises her shoulders and goes for it doing her thing and doing it good. Sometimes I think there is not much that amazes her anymore these day’s. panic is something that does not even exists in her world. For that and many of her other qualities I simply admire and adore her. Makes me smile seeing them.


Anyway that covers some of the fun part .. if I continue I’ll still be here in 5 hours writing and your reading a small novell *smiles*


To get back at it, we done Black rock for the last time I think, Troyy entered outlands at 55 through a sneaky backdoor and we entered Ramfarts, Staci as druid tank, troy as herself and me as the suicidal healer  .. I know I do not need to heal her as she tanks, she’s 80 and has many ways to regen her HP when needed and yes I do KNOW that healing draws aggro .. I really do .. but there is that ichy feeling when someone is not 100%, I have this everywhere,  Dalaran, instances, quest area’s … it’s instinct, can’t help it .. must heal .. *sighs*  the spell is gone faster than I realize .. though I will realize it when they are all running towards me and all I see for a few seconds is  “Aggro”and all that stands in-between me is Troyy .. well .. most of the time and Fade. I love fade .. saved my sorry spacegoat behind for so many times ..

Tonight I hope Staci is ready for Rampfarts and if she is, we’ll drag her through it to make sure she is Hellfire ready else BRD will be swiped a few times than she will be.


One thing I’d like to say is that I met a human paladin in Winterspring, he asked if I was doing my tasks and had to kill some totemics and Ursa’s .. told him I had to and we teamed up, even though he was not made for tanking he done a great job, even at his exams, 53, he was awesome, we done close to all quests there where in Winterspring and I enjoyed it, done my mad priest on him also and have to say I was surprised that he picked it up just as smoothly as ever. Added him to my small list of friends and hopefully someday we’ll meet again. It was interesting.


So .. think that will do it for today , enough of it, tonight it’s truth night, Staci will work on getting to 55 with us dragging her through places or not, if she does I’d be really happy, hope she does, if not I’ll be sad, but can’t help it, knowing her level of stubbornness I fear Azaroth has no number for it, it simply be to high to write down .. Troyy has the same problem though.. must be running in the family  ..


Wonder who thought them .. can’t be me


Priestly hugs

More undead … E-mail
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Scholomange, stratholme, Eastern plague lands, western plaguelands and teristfall glades, they contain more undead than I think I’ll ever see alive .. well , besides terisfall glades as horde runs around there .. seesm to be a capital of theirs ..

One day it was ours but they claimd to be theirs .. whatever .. ours means.

Coming from space and somewhere else we call home it makes “ours” to in some perspective and to be honest, I doubt that after so many undead being there, there is no way you can make it a healthy place to live in anymore, let them have it.

Though running through Scholomanche it is nice to see there where still a lot of books well preserved and I read some of them, it’s good to learn more about what happened here in the past .. though I doubt it will be usefull, it’s doomed anyway.



So far the history lessons ..


Staci is back, someone opened the door and thought her a wise lessons “the use of proxy servers is not supported by the world” whatever that means .. Understanding talking to the hord seems also forbidden but recently they made it possible by some service called “real ID” or something .. must be expensive to use .. I think .. but the gods punishment for doing so is exile, banned for life .. though now they made it possible .. *confused*. They need to work on their internal communications I suppose.

I don’t care if they slapped her on the wrist, she’s with us and it is herself again.


Troyy took us into sholo and when we where done Staci still had to go to Zul Farrak to complete some quests she had so we ventured there to make it happen.

Funny thing is, last time I was there it was pretty hard but now .. a walk in the park.


I tried to drag them into school and I was great, awesome even  . .sadly Troyy got killed like on ever pull I done soo .. somewhere I did something wrong ,, I fear.

But I could bring her back everytime, well besides the one time I had to ask the spirithealer for directions and saw the world in some weird grey shade … but I managed to find my way back and brought her back and we continued .. and I ressed her again .. *sigh* I was not made for that I fear.


And I am 54 now, close to 55 even and soooooon outlands *grin* think Troyy will not be pleased and Staci even less but ..hey  .. what can I say, Space goat from hell and mad priest as class .. it should count for something *grins*, who knows I get a few more titles added in the process, it be a neat addition *smirks*


So, quess some more undeads and maybe an occasional Hord added, where on our way to the outlands, ready to face whatever comes our way.


One little thing I would like to mention couse it’s something I have a feeling that will come across my path a few times..

In the guild there is a hunter called MCbacon .. I mean MCterror .. you see  . I call her that way for a while now and seems it sticks and Imade the mistake a few times now .. though the weird thing is that she starts to threathen me with blowing me up in some place, not sure where yet but she’s determind to make it happen .. quess I need to be on my hooves for the time to come.


Well, that’s it for today, hopefully more tomorrow


Priestly hugs

53 and it’s sloow E-mail
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Funny part is that always in these lower 10’s it is slow, been that way from 10-14, 20-25, 30-33, 40-43 and now again, 50-53 for now, have to see what tonight brings.

It seems like many things are open now but just not doable yet .. missing some spell power, healing, mana or even simple the possibility to actually hit things, I miss more than I would like to.


Been with a nice group of new people into the Blackrock and we had to venture into the prison. It was nice to see that not everything is routine for some and at times where still amazed about places and how hard it could be.

Though at times, it is alse frustrating to see a shadow priest wand at a target while having full mana .. it makes things itch at times, than again, even I have to learn a lot and have understanding for it.


It seems my Idea of adding a few more rubs off .. others start doing it also…

Oddly I didn’t expect it, so I was quite surprised when I saw the health go down and could not see what .. till I ran back and saw like 10 or 12 undeads poke her …

As the healer I am I kept her alive but was somewhat startled .. when I asked what happened she told me that she heard she needed to pull more .. I mean .. omg ..

These where not a few but LOADS .. I take a few a time, she took everything she could find ….

Yes, I am talking about you TROYY! .. wicked pala you are .. been hit on the head once to many times ??.


And HEY! .. since when did YOU start to LISTEN to ME ?!? .. well? .. in all the time we have known each other .. this was the first time .. EVER!! .. if your going to take over some bad habits from me .. take any besides the urge to get suicidal. *sighs and shakes head*


Guess my easy times are over, she even enjoyed it and where about to venture into the more dense populated area’s … I fear the worst.


Been busy with my professions, learned enchanting from 174 to 243 and I now know some neat enchants, only .. now I have a lot of stuffies in my bank on where  I have no need for .. think I’ll send them to sell and give Staci and Troyy their share in it. I do already hear the comments on this idea from them, they will never agree or give me a hard time accepting .. but it will be worth the struggle in the end, at least, it makes me feel better.

Tailoring is still the same, have some runecloth but sadly I need loads more to get higher, hopefully they will teach me to make netherweave things soon, I have 35 stack waiting for me to be processed so that will be a nice boost when the time comes.


We sadly missed Staci yesterday as she could not find her way to us, seems someone else thought she was not Staci and decided to lock her room. Even though a amazing skilled rogue, this was one lock she could not pick, I certainly do hope she is with us soon again. Would be great to know it still is her and not someone that possesses her doing whatever things to her.

Sadly I have seen that to often lately.


So, enough for today, see if tonight will be 54 and maybe even 55 .. who knows.


Priestly hugs.

Undead .. loads of them also. E-mail
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It was time, time to venture into Stratholme and see if the stories where right about all the undead they roamed the place.


They where…


Never knew there so many, and so aggressive, coming from every corner trying to make us part of their population.

Lucky Troyy and Staci prevented this with my help as healer, though at times it was a close one, lucky for us Troyy learned how to revive people otherwise I’d think we’d be walking around in strat as part of them.. don’t want to even think about it, lucky I don’t we survived and even helped the baron into another place.


The guild seemed to have had a good evening, many achievements where made from the ICC place, seems they all saved them for one evening and do them all at once, yesterday was the day than.


As I’m 52 now I can feel the outlands lure, think I’ll put on the naughty shoes .. or better, I keep them on, and venture there soon to take a sneak peak.

Though I know I only get quests at 58 I can still try and see how it goes, maybe even poke someone to join me and see from there, time will tell but the peak will be soon.

For now it will be poking undeads, gathering more items, doing many more quests and probably join more groups than I can count.


Just a note to myself, maybe should write in on my forehead so I can see it daily .. go train! .. spend another 34g on it again but there was so much to learn, this now explains why I was healing so little all the time, I just had the 46 versions of them, still had to learn the 48, 50 and 52 ones … now healing goes a lot easier.


So, back to killing things, gathering items and joining groups.


Priestly hugs.

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