Hunters adventures
My first battleground experiance at 80 E-mail
Hunters adventures - Battle grounds

Since a little while I also run around there as hunter.

Quite some experience I must say, as from where 70-79 I still had a change, at 80 I seem to be a bug for some, if not a lot.

Proud of my 12K hp buffed, I get close to oneshotted on many occasions.

It seems at fresh 80 I am back on the bottom of the pvp food chain and all I can be proud of is being a honorable kill in one way or the other.

Yet, I keep my head high and my pet close and run in every time when the gate falls or rises giving us access to the battle grounds ... thinking “wait till I have my full pvp set” only to meet someone that has a 2000+ arena rating set, still making pork chops out of my Belfy behind faster than I can say “whut?!?”


One thing I need to get off my chest, why in the world would you not want Stoneheard Grave yard but rush to Snowfall ?..


Alliance needs to go south, we need to go north and every single time we have to run through the alliance … they are literally farming our behinds and laughing off theirs.

If we take SH and they have snowfall, we are NOT in each others ways and we can progress much faster.

Only thing that prevents us from being the glory full Faction of victory is to have some defence, but will not go in there as I am not ready to flood you with a big wall-O-text yet *smiles*